Data Collection Workstation

Kingtop Data Collection workstations are a complement to Kingtop body
worn camera to achieves unattended data automatic collection, device
charging, remote data query and other features.

Mightier features, faster connection

The collection station can support automatic data collection and charging of multiple devices, saving time and labor costs.


Automatic acquisition of equipment access, without user participation in the acquisition is completed automatically clear body worn camera data.

Automatic data collection

The data acquisition workstation can connect up to 20 law enforcement recorders to collect data at the same time.

Multi-device charging

In the collection of body worn camera data at the same time, for body worn camera charging, full charging current can reach 5V, 1.0-1.5A, can be 20 body worn camera charging at the same time.

Data integrity

In the event of power failure, restart, crash, or accidental disconnection of the body camera at the data collection workstation, the stored data and configuration information in the body camera, and collection workstation are not lost.

3.8-8MB/S transmission rate

Acquisition rate (up to 20 law enforcement instruments fully loaded) can reach 3.8- 8MB / S transmission rate, can be capable of 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted work.

More sensitive touch screen

Interface port correspondence, easy to locate each terminal. Adopt capacitive touch technology, accurate and sensitive touch.

All-in-one Data Management Machine

The Workstation provides users with a streamlined and efficient solution for backing up evidence from the body worn cameras. The system allows police officers more time to work and reduces overtime due to downloading evidence from the cameras they carry with. Fully automatic, unattended, efficient and convenient.

pda device Time Saving

pda device Easier operateing

pda device Powerful storage

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