5G for Industry Operational
Technology Networks

5G mobile networks will become the exclusive wireless
technology in many manufacturing and supply chain enterprises.

Transportation & Logistics:

KingTop has in-depth industry understanding of the logistics and express delivery industry, the company through the mobile intelligent terminal, mobile Internet and other solutions to help the logistics and express delivery industry to create digital operation solutions.


KingTop provides customers with the right hardware equipment and equipment management in all aspects of operation control, warehouse management, personnel supervision, and equipment management. The system helps manufacturing enterprises manage business and personnel efficiently, accurately and intelligently.

Retail Supply Chain:

KingTop helps retailers create digital application solutions for each link through intelligent mobile terminals, intelligent payment terminals and intelligent printing terminals, enabling retailers to realize all-round digital operation and management of "people, goods and site" in each link of production, supply chain, store sales, home delivery and customer experience.


Connecting students and educators wherever learning happens Largest and fastest 5G network can help people innovate and improve learning experiences both on and off campus.

Public Utilities:

KingTop's 5G intelligent mobile terminal code-scanning equipment and law enforcement equipment can be applied to a variety of public affairs such as public security law enforcement, large-scale public events, traffic ticketing, anti-counterfeiting and anti-stringing, and ticketing inspection in parks and tourist zones, realizing a variety of digital solutions.

Medical Health:

Hospital video surveillance is not only limited to traditional security, but also more and more integrated with the hospital's own business. It is applicable to inpatient medical staff, supervising patients in each ward, learning and observing surgery, hospital or telemedicine consultation and so forth.

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