Mobile Hotspots

Unlocked mobile hotspots delivergigabit-plus speeds on a high
performance and secure connection, enjoy online faster than others.


2.4-inch 5G Hotspots

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2.4-inch 5G Pocket MIFI

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5G Mobile Hotspots

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Kingtop 2023 5G Pocket Mifi

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5G WiFi Hotspots Supplier for Telecom

·Stable Wireless connectivity
·Large Battery and Strong Signal Coverage
·High-performance and Advanced 4G/5G Full-network Solutions
·Suitable for Telecom Network Construction and Wholesaler Procurement
·Flexible MOQ and Customization

​Enterprise/Business Customization

We are committed to finding an effective solution for enterprise-class organization to meet the related needs. Contact Kingtop Sales person to find a product or service for your customized requirements.

Why Choose Us?

5G Fast Connectivity

5G compatible and built-in Wi-Fi 6 with 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.1and dedicated GPS, you can complete your entire mission without delays or downtime. Kingtop designed allows you to remain connected entirely at incredible speeds.

Rich production experience

Focus on the production of intelligent mobile devices for 15 years, and conduct in-depth research on industry trends and customer needs. From R&D to product manufacturing, constantly innovating and improving.

Complete after-sales service

There is a professional after-sales service team to answer your questions. The 360-degree service system enable you to have no worries.

Rapid response design

We can design according to different needs of customers, and strictly monitor product quality to ensure high quality product and service experience.

Which 5G device is right for you?

Stable network performance for all your devices

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Standby time: 576hours

4400mAh, 5V/2A, long use time

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Standby time: 576hours

4400mAh,5V/2A, long use time

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Standby time: 720hours

1000mAh,5V/2A,ultra long use time

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