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Common problems and solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Check the local signal strength;
2. Check whether the SIM card is installed correctly; (pay attention to the distinction with SAM card);
3. Check the SIM card, whether it is in arrears, whether to open the Internet function or whether the SIM card is damaged (SIM card loaded into the phone to test whether it is damaged or in arrears);
4. Whether the access point is set correctly;
5. Confirm that the mobile data port is open;
6. Restart the device.

1. Check the network signal strength (more than 2 frames to be strong enough);
2. First check whether the encryption method is correct, that is, check whether the encryption method of the handheld device and the local network is the same;
3. Check whether the password is correct;
4. Check whether the network is normal;
5. Cancel the network and then reconnect (double-click the network and then tap Cancel to save to remove the password);

1. Click Settings-Wifi
2. Scroll down and click Wifi Preferences-Wifi band-select 5G only.

1. Open "Settings---Scan Settings---Select "Barcode attaching".
2. Select ''CR_LF'' option.

1. Open the "Settings --- ScanSettings --- select the ''Automatic screen clearing'';
2. Cancel the "Enable" button can be continuous scanning code

1. Check if the volume key is turned on.
2. Click Settings --- ScanSettings --- Open the "Scan successful tone" "and" Scan the code successfully vibrate the prompt "options

1. Print blank: check whether the paper roll is installed correctly;
2. Not eject paper: check the paper bin cover / roller is jammed correctly, whether the paper is the specified roll of paper;
3. Print fuzzy: printer heater head is stuck with objects;
4. Can't print: check the program or system problems, restart the device;
5. Test whether the printer compartment is fastened;
6. Whether the battery power is too low, such as power below 10% may lead to abnormal printing.

1. Whether the RF card is placed in the card-swiping area;
2. The reading distance is best within 5cm, the reading speed can not be too fast (because the radio frequency card power-up reading and writing process requires stable field strength power supply, otherwise it is easy to fail);
3. Whether at the same time there are two or more radio frequency card in the vicinity of the reading area;
4. Test whether the printer compartment is fastened;
5. Whether the battery power is too low, such as power below 10% may lead to reading failure

1. Whether the card contact surface is correct (chip face up);
2. Whether the card is inserted in place (card not in place can not trigger the event);
3. Whether the card has obvious wear and tear damage or broken.

1. Whether there is a foreign object in the card slot;
2. Whether the card has obvious wear and tear damage or breakage;
3. Whether the magnetic stripe side is correct when swiping the card (magnetic side down);
4. Whether the card swiping gesture is correct.

Open "Settings---Backup and Reset---Restore Factory Settings".

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