Kingtop Support extends your coverage beyond our complimentary 90-day tech support
and limited 1-year warranty, giving you VIP coverage.

24 Hours

Quick response and after-sale service within 24 hours.

10/30 Days

Sample within 10 days ship, OEM about 30 days fast lead time.


Kingtop provide you with 24h round-the-clock service and
after-sales support. Repair damages to the partsoccur during
normal use. For example: housing, plastics, display, physical keys, triggers,
hand strap, battery doors, electronic components. Replacement of consumable
parts, like batteries, which cannot work normally.


Within three days of placing an order, we will arrange production
for you as soon as possible, and strive for the goods to reach you
as early as possible and safe. Sample within 10 days ship.
OEM about 30days fast lead time. Various cost-effective logistics
methods for you to choose.

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