Li Yuejun

Founder and CEO

“ When I was just a self-employed shop owner, I was often asked by my customers: I need to add other hardware & software features, is it supported? I found that having the ability to develop electronic products is the most basic and important part, so I have spent the last 15 years building up a team of electronic product manufacturers with real R&D capabilities, so that customers at home and abroad can truly enjoy the freedom of customisation. Meanwhile, It has also been KingTop's mission to transform traditional Chinese manufacturing without core competencies into Chinese smart manufacturing.

Chinese Confucius told us: If we wish to do our job well, we have to make sure our tools work well first.

KingTop will always maintain its research and development capabilities, using better ‘ tools’ to make better products and provide better services.”

——Li Yuejun, Founder & CEO of Shenzhen Jintaiyi Electronic Co., Ltd.

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