Retail Supply Chain

Digitize store personnel management, comprehensively optimize customer
experience, enhance store image, inventory and product management, and increase sales

Store Receiving

KingTop digital device helps you efficiently and accurately collect inbound data anytime, anywhere, manage goods in an orderly manner, and ensure the correct quantity of goods.


The store staff can quickly and accurately scan product barcodes through the KingTop high-performance handheld mobile terminal, accurately count daily goods in the store and upload data to the backend, avoiding the inefficiency of manual inventory and ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of data.

Store storage

The KingTop Super high frequency handheld terminal supports remote batch reading of labels, and can also realize open box inventory free, helping the warehouse to complete tasks quickly.

Goods management

Choose the easy to use KingsTop handheld intelligent terminal, where the salesperson can easily assign and record the placement of goods with just one scan. The placement information can also be checked and the latest prices can be queried, achieving more accurate information management.

Store Merchandising

When conducting product sales, the salesperson uses the KingTop handheld terminal to scan the barcode of the product, and can view the latest price, specifications, inventory quantity, and promotion information of the product online. They can visually display promotion and new product information to consumers in real-time, enhancing their order intention.

Goods transfer

On the basis of accurate inventory information collection, the KingTop mobile handheld terminal can not only assist the shopping guide to Quick Look the inventory information at any time and anywhere, but also send transfer instructions to other stores, quickly communicate the transfer needs with one key, and help stores complete the transfer at the first time.

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