Enable enterprises and dispatch personnel to easily manage and transport
goods, and improve the operational efficiency of the entire process through flexible digital technology

Efficient picking

The delivery personnel receive picking tasks through the KingTop handheld terminal and plan the best route through navigation functions. At the same time, it can help them quickly find storage locations and complete picking tasks quickly and accurately through scanning and verifying codes.

Receiving goods by scanning

The KingTop handheld terminal achieves full visibility of goods and traceability of responsibilities through flexible digital technology, improving storage capacity and accelerating goods turnover.

Shipment goods by scanning

The warehouse personnel receive real-time outbound information through the KingTop handheld terminal, provide the optimal picking path, and scan the barcode of the goods to automatically identify and compare the outbound goods.

Packaging and stocking

The KingTop intelligent handheld terminal can label each product with an identity tag, allowing the product to automatically identify and manage batches, while printing the shipping invoice. Scanning equipment can verify packaging tasks, track the entire package, and ensure accurate shipment.

Cold Chain Management

The KingTop intelligent PDA adopts an anti-condensation screen design, effectively solving the problem of screen condensation caused by temperature difference when staff travel between cold storage and normal temperature working areas. Low temperature resistant batteries and other cold resistant hardware ensure that the equipment can continue to operate normally even at -30℃.

Fleet management

Through the real-time voice intercom and video functions of the KingTop mobile data terminal, you can maintain real-time communication with the drivers of the convoy, quickly grasp the real-time situation of the convoy, ensure that any situation during the convoy's journey is controllable and adjustable, and avoid the impact of unexpected situations on the efficiency of goods delivery.

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