Realize scanning code receiving, warehousing, sorting, and outbound of goods, and accelerate the turnover of goods

Warehouse inspection

Regular inspections can ensure the authenticity of inventory and location status, improving the efficiency of management personnel in handling defects.

Warehousing management

By using the KingTop handheld terminal, intelligent verification, statistics, and data reporting of stored goods can be carried out accurately, efficiently, and intelligently.

Outbound management

The warehouse personnel receive real-time outbound information through the KingTop handheld terminal, provide the optimal picking path, and scan the barcode of the goods to automatically identify and compare the outbound goods.

Inventory management

The KingTop handheld terminal uses RFID technology to install RFID tags for each item that needs to be counted. Inventory personnel scan the barcode information of the goods by operating the KingTop handheld terminal.

Material Management

The KingTop visual management device can quickly and accurately conduct inventory, verify inventory data, manage product batches, and provide decision-making data for product replenishment and delivery through barcode scanning, avoiding backlog and loss.

Packaging and stocking

The KingTop mobile intelligent terminal allows products to automatically identify and manage batches, while printing shipping manifests. Scanning equipment can verify packaging tasks, track the entire package, and ensure accurate shipment.

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