The Handheld computer can be used for all aspects of medication management,
doctor-patient management, and real-time communication between health care workers

Medicine tracking

Use KingTop PDA barcode scanner to input and read medicine bar-code information, control medicine's inventory and circulation information, and ensure medicine's quality and safety.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacists receive electronic prescriptions in real time via KingTop handheld terminals; This reduces the time spent manually checking paper documents and waiting for patients to fill their prescriptions, greatly increasing efficiency.

SPD material management

To achieve zero inventory of hospital medical materials funds occupied, KingTop PDA KP-18 can ensure the supply of consumption points; Relieve the workload of health care workers; Realize the fine management of medical materials; And minimize the labor cost of hospital logistics management.

Medical waste management

In the medical waste room, RFID tags are installed for each garbage can to write the weight, type of garbage, time, location, and responsible person into the tags; meanwhile, KingTop handheld terminals can upload the information to the server via 5G network and record relevant work information.

Vaccine tracking

Healthcare professionals can use KingTop handheld terminal scanning technology to record information on vaccine sales, storage, transportation, distribution and use, and achieve traceability of the entire process of production, storage, transportation and use of the smallest packaging unit of vaccine.

Laboratory management

The KingTop handheld terminal scans the barcode on any test tube, writes the information related to the sample collection on the label of the sample collection site through barcode recognition technology, and attaches the label to the corresponding test tube; as the unique ID information of the test tube, the tube is included in the information management system.

Signs acquisition

Medical staff often need to collect patients' vital signs at regular intervals, and KingTop handheld scanning terminal can easily and effectively collect, record, save and query patients' vital signs data, which is of great benefit to improving medical diagnosis, streamlining hospital care processes and improving management.

Information Search

For doctors, nurses and managers, KingTop handheld terminals can provide corresponding information viewing privileges and can set fingerprint or password privileges to ensure privacy while making information access faster and personnel management more convenient.

Real-time communication

The KINGTOP handheld computer has voice communication capabilities, and can enable real-time conversation and communication between hospital staff through 4G or WIFI wireless network capabilities, and support one-to-one or one-to-many communication, it helps to strengthen the cooperation and mutual assistance among medical personnel and improve work efficiency.

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