Mobile digital management of a large number of products,
easy and effective search and management of products

Relocation of goods

The KingTop handheld terminal is used to intelligently allocate and record the position of goods on shelves, and intelligently provide the best storage path during operation.

Store Inventory Management

By using barcodes or RFID tags to label and manage each product, and using data collection functions such as barcode/RFID integrated with the KingTop handheld terminal to scan product barcodes, automatically identify and record product status, and automatically count product quantities, intelligent store inventory management can be achieved.

Stock transfer

Each product comes with a barcode or RFID tag, which can be quickly obtained and shared online through the scanning of the KingTop handheld terminal.

Inventory count

Using RFID/barcode technology, install RFID tags/barcode labels for each item that needs to be counted. Inventory personnel can read/scan RFID tags/barcode information on goods by operating the KingTop handheld terminal.


By using the KingTop handheld terminal, statistics, data reporting, and intelligent verification of incoming goods can be carried out more accurately, efficiently, and intelligently.


The warehouse tallyman receives real-time outbound information through the KingTop handheld terminal, automatically identifies and compares warehousing goods, scans the barcode/electronic label of the goods, and provides the best pickup path.

Order picking

The staff of the supermarket e-commerce department can receive distribution orders through the KingTop handheld terminal and complete batch sorting tasks in the shortest path based on the information provided by the KingTop handheld terminal.

Packing review

The KingTop handheld terminal has the function of quickly checking and verifying order packages, which can improve packaging efficiency.

Receiving goods

The KingTop handheld terminal can complete the verification of orders and goods, as well as bulk receipt.

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