Establish a full process traceability system to reduce enterprise management costs

Production management

With the help of sensors, readers, and scanning technology, real-time data collection can be carried out at various key links through the KingTop handheld terminal, enabling timely control of current material batches, production progress, and inventory information.

Production Line Traceability

Establish a full process traceability system, using the KingTop handheld terminal to record everything from suppliers to procurement and receipt, to production, processing, and quality inspection, and upload data in real-time to the database.

Anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting

Utilize sensor tags, readers, and scanners to detect, identify, and eliminate quality issues, facilitating defect management.

In stock management

Scan warehouse goods through the KingTop intelligent terminal for accurate and fast inventory work, which is fast and convenient. The number of categories is clear at a glance. Connect to the backend system through wireless network and transmit inventory information in real-time to the database.

Distribution Management

By using KingTop intelligent handheld terminals, productivity and accuracy can be improved; Capture data through one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes and RFID, so that you can continuously drive warehouse operations.

Replenishment management

Understand when to store or restock, so that inventory planners can accurately predict procurement cycles and production plans. Assist employees in completing inventory work quickly and accurately.

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