Expand your mind and take your learning to the next level with KingTop educational tablet

Online teaching

With its advanced features and powerful performance, our tablet provides an immersive learning experience like never before. From interactive lessons to real-time collaboration, teaching just got easier and more engaging. Embrace the future of education with our online teaching tablet and unlock the potential of every student.

Learning course

Discover a world of endless possibilities with our cutting-edge learning software tablet. KT-1401 is designed to ignite curiosity and empower students, this tablet offers a seamless platform for interactive and personalized learning. Dive into a vast library of educational content, engage in immersive simulations, and track your progress in real-time.

Intelligent read

Immerse yourself in the world of literature with our intelligently designed tablet that redefines the way you read books online. This revolutionary device combines cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to enjoy the immersive experience of reading books from the comfort of your fingertips.


Experience the power of productivity with our note-taking tablet. Designed for the modern multitasker, this sleek device lets you take notes, sketch ideas, and organize your thoughts with ease. Whether you're in a meeting, attending a lecture, or simply jotting down reminders, our tablet offers the perfect companion for your note-taking needs. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, you can effortlessly capture and sync your notes across devices, making sure you never miss a detail.

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