The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Body Cameras in 2022

In a rapidly advancing digital world where surveillance is integral to our safety, body cameras have become a necessity for many - from law enforcement officers and security personnel to nature enthusiasts and adventurers. This blog post will provide you with the ultimate guide to buying the best body cameras of 2022, discussing vital features, popular models and tips to help you make an informed choice. There's a lot to consider since not all cameras are created equal.

What is a Body Camera and Who Needs It?

Body cameras, also known as wearable cameras or body-worn cameras, are compact devices often clipped onto clothing to record video and audio footage. Initially made popular by law enforcement agencies, they are now used by a diverse range of people and professions. Security personnel, private investigators, journalists, adventurers, and wildlife enthusiasts use them to document and capture real-life situations as they happen.

Key Features to Consider

Selecting a body camera can seem overwhelming due to the myriad of features and specifications. Here are some key considerations:

Durability and Weather Resistance

Body cameras operate in diverse conditions often exposed to diverse elements. Therefore, a quality body camera should be rugged enough to withstand adverse weather conditions and accidental drops.

Video Quality

Considering the purpose of body cameras in capturing events and evidence, the video quality should be top-notch. Look out for High-Definition (HD) and 4k video options.

Audio Quality

While good video quality is necessary, don't compromise on audio quality. Crisp audio recording can provide valuable context and evidence in many circumstances.

Battery Life

The camera's battery should last long enough to cover an entire shift or adventure without failing.


Ideal body cameras are compact and lightweight for comfort and discrete use.

Storage Capacity

Consider the amount and type of content you plan to capture. Some cameras offer extended storage options, while others rely on cloud storage.


Your budget is usually a decisive factor. Expect to pay more for high-quality cameras with advanced features.

Popular Body Cameras of 2022

BOBLOV PD70 WiFi Body Mounted Camera

Featuring 1296P HD video and a 170-degree wide-angle, the BOBLOV PD70 caters to all your recording needs. It's compact and lightweight, accompanied by a comprehensive list of features making it a top choice.


This camera doubles as an action camera and body camera with its waterproof design and HD recording abilities. It*s an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts needing both ruggedness and performance.

Rexing P1 Body-Worn Camera

Durable and efficient, Rexing P1 stands out with its night vision capabilities and high resolution. It's ideal for both day and night use making it a universal choice.

While these are excellent choices, there are numerous body cameras, each with unique features to suit different user requirements. Always remember to prioritize your needs when choosing a body camera.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Body Camera

Now that we've discussed what to look out for and some of the best cameras available, let's wrap it up with some tips:

1. Define your needs: Before you even begin to look at options, define why you need a body camera. Your use case will help determine the features you need.

2. Research: Once you know what you want, start researching. Compare models, read user reviews, and ask for recommendations.

3. Don*t compromise on quality for price: While it's crucial to set a budget, don't compromise essential features for cost.

4. Try it out: If possible, give your chosen body camera a test run before making the final purchase.

A body camera is much more than just a camera - it's your assistance in capturing reality as it unfolds, providing accountability, transparency, and concrete evidence when you need it. So, when it comes to choosing one, make sure you take the time and effort to research and select the most suitable body camera for your specific needs.

Body Worn Cameras

Holistic video capture from both the vehicle and the face powers modern law enforcement.

Multiple modes positioning

Rugged camcorder supports real-time trajectory playback, multiple modes positioning. The location information is more accurate.





long battery life

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good for 9 hours of constant use in 1080P video mode or 11 hours in 720P video mode, moreover, it can be stretched to 100 hours in standby mode. Extra battery is available to meet your long-time working needs.

Capture moments clearer

With built-in Wi-Fi, a 120° field of view and the ability to take snapshots while recording video, and 4K lens mode, body worn video camera can stands its ground against any action cameras (which can be body mounted). You also get Full HD video capture, a built-in mic, plus a useful 64GB internal memory.

Wholesale Kingtop Rugged Body Worn Cameras

·Onvif Network for Continuous Recording and Live Streaming
·Tough and Powerful Cameras for Challenging Business Use
·Body worn video systems support Cloud Platform Management
·Cost-Saving B2B Deals for Large Volume Purchases, SDK is available

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