The Ultimate Guide to Reveal Body Worn Camera Pricing

In today's world, body worn cameras have become an essential tool for law enforcement agencies, security companies, and various other industries to record invaluable evidence, promote accountability, and improve safety. Among the wide array of options available in the market, Reveal body worn cameras stand out for their impressive features and user-friendly design. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of Reveal body worn cameras, comparing prices and discussing the factors that influence their cost so you can make an educated decision when purchasing one for your organization.

What Sets Reveal Body Worn Cameras Apart

Reveal has been a pioneer in developing cutting-edge body worn cameras designed to meet the needs of professionals in various fields. Their products offer a range of features, including:

High-definition video recording

Night vision capabilities

Pre-record buffer to capture valuable evidence prior to an event

Wide field-of-view lenses

Durable, water-resistant, and dustproof design

Easy playback with secure data storage

These features, along with Reveal's commitment to ongoing research and development, have made their body worn cameras a popular choice for professionals around the globe.

Factors Influencing the Price of Reveal Body Worn Cameras

There are several factors that impact the pricing of Reveal body worn cameras. Let's examine these aspects to better understand the costs associated with investing in these devices:


Reveal offers a variety of models with varying features and specifications, each with its own price point. For example, you may choose between the entry-level D-series, the mid-range RS2-X2, and the high-end RS3-SX. The more advanced the model, the higher the price, due to factors such as improved video quality, extended battery life, and enhanced connectivity options.


The wide range of accessories available for Reveal body worn cameras can also influence the overall price. These include additional mounting options, spare batteries, chargers, and storage solutions. Depending on your specific needs, you may need to factor these additional costs into your budget.


For organizations looking to purchase Reveal body worn cameras in bulk, the cost per unit can vary based on the order size. Typically, larger orders qualify for volume discounts, which will help you save money on your investment.

Licensing and Software

Reveal's body worn cameras come with optional software solutions, such as DEMS 360, that enable secure, efficient management of video data. These software packages may require separate licensing fees at an additional cost, depending on your organization's requirements.

Comparing Reveal Body Worn Camera Prices

To illustrate the price differences among the various Reveal body worn camera models, we've compiled a list of estimated price ranges:

D-Series: $400 - $600

RS2-X2: $600 - $800

RS3-SX: $800 - $1,200

These ranges account for the basic cost of each model as well as essential accessories. Prices may vary based on additional accessories, software, or volume discounts.

Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

When investing in Reveal body worn cameras, it's important to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO). This includes not only the initial purchase price but also factors such as maintenance, software upgrades, and potential replacement costs over time. To get the best value from your investment, look for:

Reputable suppliers offering competitive prices and reliable support

Warranties and comprehensive service plans

User-friendly software that streamlines data management and reduces IT overhead

Flexible, modular systems that can grow with your organization's evolving needs

By taking the time to carefully research and select a Reveal body worn camera solution that aligns with your organization's specific requirements, you can ensure that you're getting the most bang for your buck and making this worthwhile investment a success.

Body Worn Cameras

Holistic video capture from both the vehicle and the face powers modern law enforcement.

Multiple modes positioning

Rugged camcorder supports real-time trajectory playback, multiple modes positioning. The location information is more accurate.





long battery life

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good for 9 hours of constant use in 1080P video mode or 11 hours in 720P video mode, moreover, it can be stretched to 100 hours in standby mode. Extra battery is available to meet your long-time working needs.

Capture moments clearer

With built-in Wi-Fi, a 120° field of view and the ability to take snapshots while recording video, and 4K lens mode, body worn video camera can stands its ground against any action cameras (which can be body mounted). You also get Full HD video capture, a built-in mic, plus a useful 64GB internal memory.

Wholesale Kingtop Rugged Body Worn Cameras

·Onvif Network for Continuous Recording and Live Streaming
·Tough and Powerful Cameras for Challenging Business Use
·Body worn video systems support Cloud Platform Management
·Cost-Saving B2B Deals for Large Volume Purchases, SDK is available

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