The Evolution and Expanse of POS Terminals in India: A Look at Numbers

In today's world, the rise of digital payments has dramatically transformed how we conduct transactions. Among the technology spearheading this revolution is the Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Particularly in India, POS terminals have not merely been essential in this digital pivot but also bolstered the nation's journey towards a cashless economy.

What are POS Terminals?

Before delving into their significance in India, it's crucial to understand what POS terminals are. These are hardware or software systems used for executing and managing sales transactions. They have been instrumental in facilitating digital payments, transforming the traditional paper money-based economy.

The Growing Penetration of POS Terminals in India

The shift from a cash-intensive to a cash-lite economy in India has been brisk, with significant contributions from POS terminals. As of 2021, the Reserve Bank Of India reports that the total number of POS terminals in operation across the country stands close to 5.12 million. This figure has almost doubled since 2016 when the number of POS Machines across India was reported to be around 2.5 million.

With the Government of India prioritising digitisation, demonetisation played a considerable role in making POS applications mainstream. That period saw a massive surge in digital transactions, consequently leading to an increased demand for POS terminals.

Regional Disparities in POS Terminal Presence

Interestingly, the presence and use of POS terminals across India present a story of contrasts. States like Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu, primarily due to their urban centres like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai respectively, account for about 45% of the POS terminals in India.

Other regions, primarily rural areas, exhibit lower quantities. This discrepancy points to an essential insight — while India has made significant strides towards digitisation, the expansion of POS terminals needs to further percolate to the rural interiors for establishing a truly cashless economy.

The Future of POS Terminals

While there has been considerable growth in the last half-decade, the future for POS terminals in India looks even more promising. A report by Global Market Insights estimates that the Indian POS terminal market will exceed $3 billion by 2024. This growth will be driven by the increasing use of credit and debit cards, the rise of e-commerce, advances in POS terminal technology, and Government initiatives encouraging digital payments.

As we navigate through this decade, an increase in the adoption of advanced technologies like mobile POS, contactless payments, and increased use of QR codes is also anticipated.

Innovations in POS Space

The increase in POS terminals is not only about their numbers but also the innovation within their sphere. From traditional clunky terminal machines, there has been an evolution towards compact and mobile POS machines. Additionally, the emergence of integrated POS systems, which bring together hardware, software, and payment processing, presents another significant step forward in this domain.

The POS market in India is also witnessing an increasing interest from government bodies, investors, and corporates. New entrants are continuously making their presence felt, while established companies are reinventing themselves, all aiming to grab a share of this burgeoning market.

Thus, the POS landscape in India is now a bustling space witnessing rising numbers, innovative solutions, and eager market players. While the trail towards a digital economy has been blazed, the journey ahead promises more milestones and evolution.

In essence, the panorama of POS terminals in India reflects a transformative journey - a journey where the paths of technological evolution and economic habits intersect. As we continue to tread this path, it's undeniable that POS terminals will keep enriching India's digital landscape in the times to come, thereby inkling towards an onset of truly digital and inclusive financial architecture.

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