The Rising Threat of POS Terminal Skimming: How to Protect Your Business

As e-commerce continues to thrive, the use of Point of Sale (POS) terminals has become increasingly common. These devices enable businesses to accept payments from customers seamlessly. However, along with the rise in POS terminal usage, there has been a corresponding increase in the threat of skimming attacks. In this article, we will explore the dangers of POS terminal skimming, how it works, and what steps businesses can take to protect themselves.

1. Introduction

POS terminal skimming is a type of fraud that involves the illegal capture of payment card information by attaching a device to a legitimate POS terminal. These devices, known as skimmers, are designed to extract sensitive information such as credit card numbers and PIN codes. Skimming attacks can occur in various settings, including restaurants, retail stores, and even ATMs.

2. How Skimming Works

Skimmers are deceptively designed to blend in with legitimate card readers, making them difficult to detect. Criminals may install skimmers in several ways, including physically attaching them to the POS terminal or even utilizing wireless technology to remotely capture data.

Once the skimmer is in place, it collects the cardholder's information as the payment card is swiped or inserted into the compromised terminal. The collected data is then either transmitted wirelessly or retrieved later by the attacker. Skimmers are often equipped with Bluetooth or other wireless technology, allowing criminals to access the stolen data from a nearby location without arousing suspicion.

3. The Impact on Businesses and Customers

POS terminal skimming poses significant risks to both businesses and customers. For businesses, a skimming attack can result in financial losses, damage to their reputation, and potential legal liabilities if customer payment information is compromised. Customers, on the other hand, may experience fraudulent transactions on their payment cards, leading to financial losses and the hassle of resolving identity theft issues.

4. How to Spot a Skimming Device

While skimmers can be challenging to detect, there are some signs that businesses and customers can look out for:

Loose or misaligned card readers: Skimmers attached to POS terminals are often flimsy and may not align perfectly with the original card reader.

Tampered or damaged security seals: Skimmers may leave behind evidence of tampering such as broken or replaced security seals.

Unusual card reader behavior: If a card reader behaves differently than usual, such as displaying error messages or taking longer to process a transaction, it could be an indication of a skimming device.

Hidden cameras or overlays: Criminals may also use hidden cameras or overlays on keypads to capture PIN numbers.

5. Protecting Your Business and Customers

To mitigate the risks associated with POS terminal skimming, businesses can implement various preventive measures:

Regularly inspect terminals: Train staff to inspect POS terminals for any signs of tampering before and after each shift.

Use tamper-resistant hardware: Consider investing in tamper-resistant card readers that are more difficult for criminals to manipulate.

Secure data transmission: Encrypt sensitive data transmitted between the terminal and backend systems to prevent interception.

Education and awareness: Educate employees about the risks of skimming and provide guidelines on how to identify and report any suspicious devices or activities.


POS terminal skimming remains a significant threat in the world of electronic payments. By understanding how skimming works and implementing preventive measures, businesses can safeguard themselves and their customers from falling victim to this pervasive form of fraud. Regular inspection of terminals, deployment of tamper-resistant hardware, and educating employees are just a few of the steps businesses can take to stay one step ahead of skimming criminals. By prioritizing security measures and ensuring ongoing vigilance, businesses can maintain customer trust and confidence in the payment process.

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